Rapid Root Growth and Yield

MyGrowMinerals™ is a one-of-a-kind product that stimulates rapid and massive root growth, early maturity and increased nutrient density in indoor grown plants and crops.

MyGrowMinerals™ Benefits:
- Increases root mass
- Increases yield
- Stimulates trichome production
- Maximizes flavor and potency
- Works with all NPK fertilizers

MyGrowMinerals™ is created from ocean water using a proprietary magnetic vortex activated technology that removes the salt while raising the resonant frequency of the minerals. This process improves the bio-availability to stimulate dense root mass for faster growth.

MyGrowMinerals™ is specifically designed to grow photoperiod sensitive plants and medicinal herbs.  These types of plants require a greater amount of rare earth elements to synthesize the 120 different terpene and terpenoid molecules in medicinal plants as well as the active compounds in medicinal herbs.

Minerals create nutrition in food but plants can’t make minerals. Plants extract minerals from the earth or a growing medium like a mining operation to grow a healthy plant. If you don’t provide minerals plants can’t thrive and your food is empty of nutrition. Therefore, indoor growing demands that you recreate an optimal nutrient mineral condition each time you start a grow. All plants need NPK but they won’t reach their full genetic potential without adding micro-nutrient minerals every time you grow.

8 Week Cucumber Plant From Seed

Hydroponic Nutrients for Plants!

MyGrowMinerals™ is a fertilizer supplement that makes all fertilizers work better.  Science has identified at least 52 elements, in addition to NPK, that must be present in the soil to grow healthy food.   MyGrowMinerals™ provides all the naturally occurring elements in sea water to insure indoor or outdoor grown food is healthy food.  Many of these micro-nutrient elements determine the flavor and fragrance of foods and this is why commercially grown food can be completely tasteless.  The lack of flavor in food is evidence of food grown in a mineral stripped soil. Potency in medicinal herbs and fragrance in flowers is dependent on these same nutrient ionic minerals.

MyGrowMinerals™ is a complex of ionic minerals and only ionic elements can enter the metabolic pathways into root and leaf cells. Food borne nutrition is based on the synthesis of molecules utilizing ionic elements extracted from the growing medium.

Scientific Testing

An independent analysis conducted on treated and untreated food crops has shown that essential mineral content is raised nearly 15% in one application.  Just add MyGrowMinerals™ every time you change your reservoir water – weekly for inorganic growing mediums or every two weeks for organic growing mediums.

nutrient testing bar chart